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It stands for introverted, iNtuitive, feeling, and judging. Some of our strengths are being creative, insightful, convincing, decisive, passionate and altruistic.

But, like every imperfect person on the earth we have weaknesses. Some of ours mine are sensitivity, extremely private, perfectionist, always needing to have cause, and one of my personal biggest flaws- easily can burn out. I feel deeply, I love deeply.

It takes time to earn my trust and respect, but once earned I will defend and protect and give until I have nothing left. If that trust is broken, I have a hard time accepting the situation, and for me the friendship will never truly be the same again. I can forgive, and I can let go, but I naturally have an instinct where I now need to protect myself. I remember telling Jeebs about this test and showing her my results, and she replied saying that it made a lot of sense.

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It caused me to look at my flaws and reactions to situations and saw where I have been brass, rude, and harsh. This is also where I felt a change with my friendship with Jeebs. Jeebs and I had become fast, good friends. It changed when I asked her some very personal questions that I was petrified to ask. Jeebs will never lie to you. It is something I respect and love about her the most. She does it in a tactful way. So I asked for her help. The counsel and honesty she gave me felt like blows, but that was my ego trying to fight back. Once I swallowed a lot of humble pie, I noticed how loving she was being towards me.

I noticed that she said what she said because she loved me, wanted the best for me, and wanted me to not be so harsh on myself. I have no shame in my game. I have just learned how I need to handle things, how I need to react. We all have so much going on, we need to let go and move on with our lives. Life is too short to be angry, or hold grudges. So I ask you.

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Who are you? What is your personality? Have you ever wondered why you act the way you act?

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The MBTI costs money to take but there are many free websites that let you take a highly similar test. I recommend 16 Personalities. Take the test, see if it lines up. Study Guide Zone "An online study resources directory, including advice on different types of learners, concentration and memorization techniques, critical thinking skills, testing and essay writing. M83 This resource provides the tools you need to develop better study habits, boost your grades, and position yourself for academic success. Available at Main Campus.

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Provides practical guidance on traditional learning skills and direction for students on learning in a blended environment; the increased use of personal planning, work-based learning, and more. ISBN: A six page reference for developing excellent study tactics and habits. Test-Taking Strategies Online Sources. Preparing for an Exam Find out the best tips for study strategies and habits so that you'll be ready for your exams.