Brogans Seed: Like a Brother

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Aunt Nicey says they need to give a surprise on scale with "the Resurrection" 3. In Christian theology, the Resurrection is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead.

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On Doodle's birthday morning, Brother brings Doodle around in the go-cart, and asks the family to turn around, and promise not to look. When Doodle gets to his feet, Brother lets them have a look. Doodle walks to his seat at the table. Everybody is crying and hugging Doodle.

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Aunt Nicey is "thanks praying in the doorway" and Brother goes to her and makes her dance with him until she steps on his toe "with her brogans [thick, heavy shoes]" 3. When the family learns that Brother taught Doodle to walk they hug him, too. He cries. When Daddy asks Brother why he is crying, he can't tell him.

by James Hurst

Brother is crying because he's teaching Doodle to walk for his owns selfish reasons. He's a "slave" to "pride," and is "ashamed of having a crippled brother" 3. A few months later Doodle is walking like a champ.

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The go-cart is stored in the barn next to the coffin. It will still be there when the narrator remembers Doodle in the future. Brother and Doodle go everywhere together. They begin "lying" to "pass the time" 3.

Hyperloop One co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan steps down

Doodle starts the lying, and gets Brother hooked on it. Brother thinks in the future that if they had been overheard they "would have been sent off to Dix Hill" 3. So, we know the story is probably set near Raleigh. Doodle's "lies" are the best 3.

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The characters in his stories all have wings and they fly instead of walking. Doodle and Brother have plans for the future. They will live at the swamp, earning a living from the sale of " dog-tongue " a plant probably used for medicinal purposes in the time and place of the story's setting. They want their parents to live with them at the swamp.

Doodle gets it in his head "that he could marry Mama, and [Brother] could marry Daddy" 3. Brother is pretty sure this isn't the best plan, even though Doodle's description of it is "so beautiful and serene" that Brother agrees 3. All rights reserved. Cite This Page.