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I touched her face softly. Sitting on the bench , the hem of her skirt touched the ground. They stood next to each other, their shoulders touching.

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Please can I have a look , if I promise not to touch? If you touch her, I'll kill you.

Frankly, this wood 's so strong that sandpaper won't touch it. Are you all right? You've hardly touched your lunch. Some pickled crab, which he had not touched , had been removed with a damson pie ; and his sister saw [ … ] that he had eaten no more than a spoonful of that either. The allusion is to touched by God , and it's been around since at least It's something of a euphemism, along the lines of today's even more common "Always remember, Mrs Smith, your child is 'special'".

As well as any decline associated with changing social attitudes or at least, acceptable terminology for use in public , it's worth noting that the expression always had somewhat limited applicability. Many related words like mad, insane, moronic, idiotic , etc. To my ear, touched [in the head] has always seemed slightly "softer" and more indulgent than many close alternatives such as cuckoo, loco, cracked, deranged, unhinged, loony , etc.

Noting the way gay is routinely used today as a general-purpose insult piggy-backing off the "original" negative homosexual connotations , I don't think there's really any evidence to suggest that popular speech is moving towards greater tolerance and inclusiveness. Mainstream media are perhaps more careful in their choice of terminology today - but even if there is greater social awareness of autism and other mental health issues among better-informed people these days, I don't think this is going to change the popular vernacular much.

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A current diagnosis and equivalent image might be: traumatic brain injury. It doesn't, however, cover PTSD symptoms: panic, etc It was a phrased used 's-- to describe a person who was not all there mentally. Another phrase was--the lights are on but nobodies home! No harm was intendedit was the popular way of speaking at the time.

If you have a look at OALD "touched" you will see they don't list the meaning "not right in the head" any more. You find touched for crazy when you click on the second entry "describing strange traits".

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The words listed in this second entry are almost all pejorative. It is not based on autism at all. In certain cultures, particularly Native Americans, considered these individuals as special because they can see and talk to spirits. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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