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If you are professional athlete, chances are you will need surgery to get back to full activity. If you have a torn ACL, the good news is that the problem is fairly common as knee injuries go, and in the hands of a surgeon who specializes in knees, the post surgical knee can be as effective as the knee prior to injury.

How Do You Manage Your Athletes After ACL Surgery … and

But most of that depends on the willingness of the athlete to invest the time to rehabilitate and strengthen the knee. Think of your ACL as a rubber band. Once it snaps, it can not be sewn together. Instead, you have to replace the rubber band completely.

The Good Doctors Guide: Meet the best knee replacement surgeons | Daily Mail Online

And that is exactly what the knee surgeon does. They attach a new rubber band to your shin, thread it through your knee and anchor it your femur. Some knee surgeons use a patellar tendon while many others use a hamstring ligament. There are pros and cons to each. Harvesting a patellar tendon from the front of the knee makes for a more painful recovery and painful rehabilitation.

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However, professional athletes who are used to pain from training are more able to tolerate this approach, especially considering that the patellar tendon is viewed by some surgeons to be a higher performance replacement for the torn ligament than the hamstring. Using a hamstring ligament is less painful on rehab of the knee, and some surgeons feel that for most people, the strength of the ligament is sufficient. Overall, most surgeons would agree that the performance of the knee after ACL replacement is directly linked to how much commitment is given to strengthening the knee with exercises.

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With the right knee specialist, and with specialized knee rehab, a professional athlete can regain their competitive form and play professional sports again. Using an arthroscope, the knee surgeon can repair the knee through two tiny half-inch incisions instead of a longer incision which requires a longer recovery and causes a bigger scar. The surgeon will remove a strand from the patellar tendon or hamstring, which will ultimately become the new ACL.

A hole is then drilled through the shin bone and a new ACL is threaded through. The new ligament is prepared and secured into place. A plastic dowel locks the new ACL into place. About 30 minutes later, the anesthesia will wear off and the patient is dismissed from the hospital. During the recovery process, a patient will start off by walking around. A few months later golf is acceptable. After five or six months, the patient is usually allowed to play sports without restriction. After a lifetime of wear and tear on joints, many active seniors choose to undergo not one but two surgeries to replace their knees.

Some seniors opt for joint replacement surgeries so they can still walk, ski, ride bikes and lift weights in their later years of life. While skiing and weight lifting might sound unusual, experts on aging say it hints at a new norm. Many seniors have dealt with chronic hip and knee problems, and many remain very active after joint replacement surgery including skiing and hiking.

They are choosing to undergo knee and hip replacements so they can continue being active in their later years in life. High pain levels and mobility issues associated with chronic joint problems are high contributors of seniors living at assisted care centers. Joint replacements can make living independently in the later years of life possible for many people. A year , patient Medicare study showed that seniors that elected to have knee replacement surgery had half the risk of dying within the next seven years as patients who opted against the procedure. It will help keep someone from becoming homebound and could lead to often life-ending problems.

Many doctors agree that staying active in the later years of life, not only contributes to staying healthy but also prolongs lives. We have made it easier to schedule appointments, click the button to fill out an online appointment request form or call our new central scheduling line to schedule an appointment. Have back or neck pain?

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  • Learn what causes symptoms and the home remedies that relieve pain. University Orthopedics in Providence, Rhode Island, is a regional referral center for patients with back and neck pain, joint pain, sports medicine problems, shoulder pain, hand problems, hip and knee pain, and foot and ankle injury. I took pain relievers which I ceased a few days after surgery. After 2 weeks I went back to the office and took it easy wearing a waist belt but performed all office duties as normal. About week later I was almost completely back to normal.

    Ferrel and the surgery team at this location. The care, treatment, procedure and surgical results were the best in its class.

    Knee Replacement Surgery

    Before starting on this journey, on a scale of , my pain was a I cannot thank Dr. Ferrel enough, he is a real professional. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Biyani replaced my left hip on Oct This includes Pilates, bowling and my passion; running. I was told to consider setting up an appointment with Dr. My wife and I met with Dr.

    Outcomes mixed for joint replacements at Georgia hospitals

    I was very pleased with him and his staff and will continue my treatment at Orthopedic ONE. This paperwork was important to me because I have been out of work since the beginning of December, and the sooner I filed this paperwork, the sooner I will be able to collect disability paychecks to help with my financial obligations. They gave me exercises to do at home to keep my muscles and core strong so I can continue to improve even more.

    I will not go anywhere else for orthopedic care and I will tell friends and family about your services.

    Could you get away with just HALF a knee op?

    I suffered a torn rotator injury many years ago which had persisted and gotten significantly worse over time. I was busy with my career and raising children, so I postponed this surgery, which was not in my favor for yielding the best results. However, Dr. Westerheide did such an amazing job! I had several other issues that he had to correct along with the torn rotator, such as bone spurs and also a torn bicep tendon.

    I had surgery in March, and by October, I was able to resume working out at the gym, attending cardio and strength classes and golfing too! I am very impressed by my results and the care and concern given to me by Dr. Westerheide and his entire staff! I had my first appointment with Dr. I went back to work the following Monday. I was able to get back to riding a motorcycle at full capacity this Thanksgiving at a track in Alabama. Gaines over 16 years ago, at a time when another physician treated me like I couldn't possibly need surgery due to my age. After 15 months of being ignored and a quick decline in my ability to walk , Dr.

    Gaines determined that I needed bilateral total hip replacements. Within one year I went from the inability to walk and questioning my sanity to being able to walk without pain. He has since replaced a knee and taken care of me with multiple joint issues. He discovered deformities in my hip structure from birth which explained the reason for needing surgery at a young age.

    Gaines is not only an excellent surgeon, but a great person with incredible bed-side manner. My quality of life has also improved beyond what I thought it could be just take a look at the photos below from one of my recent hikes! He and Courtney were very attentive and compassionate from the first visit until the final visit.

    They explained everything and I felt totally prepared for the surgery and recovery phase. They took extra time to make sure I was prepared to care for myself at home. I am amazed at how well things have progressed. I returned to work after 12 weeks without limitations or pain. I am very grateful for the skills and expertise of Dr.

    Van Aman! Feibel by a friend. She had an unusual case, and even though he had never done a surgery like hers before, the operation was very successful and his team did a wonderful job of taking care of her as she healed. Feibel for a second option. We proceeded with the procedure he recommended, and I ended up having a complication during my recovery. The physical therapy team at the Upper Arlington location also played a large role in my recovery.

    Orthopedic ONE patient, Tammy Zimmerman talks about living with rheumatoid arthritis and the damage the disease took on her joints, and her life.