EFQM Excellence Model

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EFQM Excellence Model 2020 : the process so far !

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Dahlgaard et al. Published online: 28 May Published online: 24 Jan Yung-Lun Liu et al. Published online: 3 Feb Published online: 18 Jun Theoretical foundation of the EFQM model: the resource-based view. Jose Ignacio Castresana Ruiz-Carrillo et al.

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The assessment starts with a review of the results. This is the underlying principle of this model.

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To improve results, measures should be taken in at least one of the organizational areas. This is represented in five development stages:.

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The emphasis is on the separate activities within an organization, the activities are determined by working instructions and house rules or by the professionals themselves. Dependencies are given little attention.

The process and control of the process are the key elements, in which powers, duties and responsibilities are clearly defined. Improvements are only made after evaluation has taken place.

EFQM Excellence Model

The organization is looked at as a whole. Control of the processes is about internal and external customer orientation in which cooperation is important. Trends and developments are responded to after they have been identified. There is a good control over the entire organizational process including the relationship with suppliers, customers and other partners in the chain.

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By regularly measuring performance, quality remains high and trends and developments are adjusted preventative. At this stage the organization can be characterized as a high-quality organization.

Possible Ethical Implications in the Deployment of the EFQM Excellence Model | SpringerLink

The assessments allow an organization to gain insight into the quality of its current operational management. Improvements are formulated and these can be implemented by an organization in stages.

Excellent organisations achieve and sustain outstanding levels of performance that meet or exceed the expectations of all their stakeholders. Our journey to recognition began in late when we decided to explore achieving recognition under the EFQM Excellence Model. This assessment allowed us to take a step back and critically look at how we function as an organisation.

It gave us the opportunity to identify our strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.