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I saw so many people come on the team that were let go because they could not handle the fast-paced environment. This particular job required learning a lot in a short time, which is something I have always been good at. One prayer I had also prayed was that when it was time for me to move on, I would leave on my own terms not them telling my time was up. Moreover, it happened exactly as I wanted. When I got the job, the promise was that I would be converted to full time status and I did get that verbal confirmation from my boss even before the 6 month mark but for some reason and due to office politics, it never happened.

There was always one story or the other when it was time to convert me that I stopped bothering. As long as you keep extending me, I am good.

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I know what I had prayed for and I was sticking by it. I did have doubts along the way, as I was not too thrilled about going through the interview process; that is not one of my favorite things to do. When it was apparent that the job was not going to convert me to full time, I started to job haunt at first aggressively but after a while, I went passive.

Acts: Faith in Action, God in Motion “The First World Mission Conference”

Anyway, fast forward to and I literally just turned my attention to church and ministry with the mindset that because I have always trusted God when it comes to jobs; I was going to just wait it out. In hindsight, that is a true statement — every time I have had to look for a job, it has always been stress less. Then, one day we were having a meeting with my pastor and he mentioned how he wanted our Wednesday bible study to mirror the Sunday service in terms of the worship sessions. A lot of us due to work conflicts hardly made bible study and I knew I had to make some changes.

I want to be part of this happening. That same week, while browsing through Indeed. Long story short, I was re-employed at my old company. I am back at my old desk, did not have to do an interview and I get more than I would have if I had stayed back plus full time benefits. What I am trying to get across is that I decided to take that scripture Mathew literally, there was a switch up. I decided to focus on my ministry as a worship leader and I gave it everything.

Let us just say I lived that scripture for almost a year and if you asked me now, I cannot really tell you the definite time the switch happened. Until then, I had every excuse for why I did not need to do this. My kids are going into their teenage years; this is when they need me the most. I work in the city, there was no way I could come home and make it to bible study.

I have no strength by the time I get back into NJ. You just had to name the excuse and I had it. You just do what I have put in your heart to do and I will take care of them. Secondly, He removed the biggest of my excuses. He blessed me with a job that I practically had to do nothing to get.

The thought of having to start to go to job interviews was one thing I dreaded! Sometimes, we think serving God is hard. It is not!

Acts // God's Mission in Motion

What I found was I had unknowingly started to make changes especially regarding my health. I was always tired to the point of exhaustion. Getting up from bed alone was enough to get me exhausted.

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I started to take better care of my body. Before then, I had no energy because by 9 am every day I was done. I remember getting off the train sometimes at 23rd Street in Manhattan and practically having no energy to walk up the stairs without holding on to the rail. In addition, my allergies were pretty bad! Anyway, after I started to take these supplements I saw a marked improvement. This also birth my CBD business which I enjoy doing.

(PDF) Philosophy, God and Motion - By Simon Oliver | david David burrell - racopernoiju.ml

Shameful plug, I recommend these products because I use them and that is because they have greatly improved my health. Come talk to me if you want to know more about this supplements or even want a side business. If, even your thoughts come in agreement with His, God will move on your behalf!

How do we build giant skyscrapers today? To understand these marvels, you need to understand simple machines such as levers and inclined planes. Machines and Motion contains 35 lessons that will teach your child about simple machines and the laws of motion, which are the basic principles governing the physical world around us. Use this student textbook with the associated teacher guide for teacher instructions, answer keys, and resources. In this revised and expanded homeschool curriculum, each full-color textbook provides 35 easy-to-teach lessons that take a fun, hands-on approach kids love.

Newton, Motion, and God

Using ordinary household items for experiments and activities, God's Design approaches all topics from a biblical worldview, showing how science supports the Genesis account of creation. As homeschool parents who are also trained electrical engineers, Debbie and Richard Lawrence have designed each lesson with ease and excellence in mind.

Each lesson ends with review and application questions. Other articles contain fun facts. Finally, each book has a unit project that ties all of the lessons together and reinforces what the student has learned. Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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