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Mood Indigo (festival)

Their marvelous harmonies and synergistic jazz feeling, along with all-star accompaniments, make their renditions unique. It continued to be an Ellington staple and was also recorded by ex-Ellingtonians.

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Alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges , who left the fold in to return in mid, recorded his combo version of the tune early that year. On the original recording of the song, Ellington creates a lovely three-horn orchestration that sounds both traditional in large part thanks to the banjo and progressive. This slowly swinging performance features some influential and highly creative orchestration and arranging by Willie Smith.

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Listen especially for the skillfully-deployed plunged brass. There are soulful melody statements by saxophonists Booker Ervin and John Handy and excellent and often surprising solos by trombonist Jimmy Knepper, pianist Sir Roland Hanna and Mingus himself on bass.

Duke Ellington, December 19, 1950: Mood Indigo - Yvonne Lanauze, Vocals

Given his orchestrational mastery, it should not be surprising that Ellington manages to make five horns sound so lush here. The focal point, though, is an extended Coleman Hawkins tenor saxophone solo. Hawkins is soulful and creative, aided significantly by some great piano by the Duke. Getting Started. Music and Lyrics Analysis.

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Video Playlist. More on Barney Bigard at JazzBiographies.

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More information on this tune See the Reading and Research page for this tune for additional references. Additional information for "Mood Indigo" may be found in: George T. Wilson Biographical Dictionary H.

Mood Indigo

Wilson Hardcover: pages 1 paragraph including the following types of information: history. While the actual author of the lyrics was subject to debate for many years, there was little debate about who would get the first crack at adding vocals to the song now officially named "Mood Indigo. Anderson may have been pleased to finally have a song from Ellington that was easy to sing, without the vocal gymnastics so often necessary for arrangements that were originally written for the piano.

In , Ellington had the chance to break "Mood Indigo" free from the constraints of the 78 rpm record with the advent of the record album. The three-minute song was crafted into a course, minute mini-concert on the album, Masterpieces by Ellington.

Mood Indigo review – kaleidoscopic kidulthood

The song's appeal lived on well beyond that recording. The year after Ellington's death in , the song was given a spot in the Grammy Hall of Fame. In , National Public Radio named "Mood Indigo" to its list of the most important recordings in America in the 20th century.

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