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Active in full-time ministry since , she has founded and established three churches, Kingdom Embassy University, Flaming Vision Consultation, and introducing her spiritual advocacy and consulting firm Omni Executive Services, and New Era Apostleship Restitution- a global collaborative linking apostles and prophets together for the purpose of kingdom vision and ventures. Price also hosts the television show Taking It On with Paula Price where she tackles relevant and often controversial kingdom and global issues. As a former sales and marketing executive, Dr.

Price effectively blends ministerial and entrepreneurial applications in her ministry to enrich and empower a diverse audience with the skills and abilities to take kingdoms for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Prophecy, Healing, and Deliverance

A lecturer, teacher, curriculum developer and business trainer, Dr. Price globally consults Christian businesses, churches, schools and assemblies. Over a year period, Dr.

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Price has developed a superior curriculum to train Christian ministers and professionals, particularly the apostle and the prophet. Her programs often are used in both secular and non-secular environments worldwide. In , Dr. Price created one of the most valuable tools for Christian Ministry called the Standardized Ministry Assessment series.

School of Prophetic Ministry with Rob Winters

It is a patent pending, destiny discovery tool that tells people who they are in God, what He created them to do, and how He created them to do it. The assessment series pinpoints those called to the church, its pulpit or other ministries, and those who would better serve the Lord outside of the church.

Beside this, Dr. Price has also developed credentialing tools for ministers and professionals, commissioning criteria and practices, along with ceremony proceedings for apostles and prophets. To complement these, she designed extensive educational programs for the entire five-fold officers and their teams.

In addition to her vast experience, Dr. Price has a D. She is also a wife, mother of three daughters, and the grandmother of two. However, I still feel it somehow misses the wonderful interplay and connection with God that is at the heart of prophecy. However, the bible is the general, universal, or eternal word of God. While there are biblical principles that always apply to our lives, the relevance of a specific Bible verse to you or me, right now, depends on many factors.

A given prophecy may utilise the words of the Bible but always applies it in the moment. The prophetic message may be shared in any format, being spoken, written, drawn, or even acted out. But it will always reveal something about God. The message may well disclose something about the person on the receiving end, but it will leave no doubt that it was from the Lord, not from any earthly source. What I mean by that is that God himself is present in every true prophecy, through his Spirit, in the here and now.

He is the originator, the destination and the active agent of any prophetic message. There are a host of reasons why you would want to prophesy, but to my thinking, the main ones are these:. Jesus is seen as a great teacher or Rabbi, and a healer, even today. But in his time on earth, he was mostly known as a prophet. When he asked his disciples who people said he was, they replied that many thought he was a prophet, or that Elijah had returned. The fact that people thought he was Elijah points to the many miracles he performed.

This is particularly true of those on a large scale, such as the feeding of the This mirrored the giving of manna in the desert by Moses who, in the eyes of the Jewish people, was the greatest prophet of all. In a sense, Jesus was the last in a line of great prophets …and the beginning of a completely new line of prophets, formed through the new covenant.

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Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he gave his disciples the great commission, to go forth and make other disciples. They were to use the authority he delegated to them, to heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons. When Holy Spirit arrived on the day of Pentecost, the disciples began to do and say, just as Jesus had done. People sought to place the sick in his shadow, so they would be healed.

The reverse may also be true: where the healing or miracle itself becomes a prophetic act.

School of Prophetic Ministry with Rob Winters | LoveFest Church

An example of this is when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and thereby foreshadowed his own resurrection. The verses are clear that it was the Holy Spirit who spoke these words.

Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry With Kris Vallotton Free Feature Moment

The implication is that Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets that were present. It also implies that to the disciples there was no distinction between the voice of the prophets and that of the Holy Spirit himself. In another example, Phillip was sent by the same Holy Spirit to run alongside the chariot of an Ethiopian eunuch Acts His cooperation and obedience result in the Ethiopian becoming a believer, who is then promptly baptised. Or take the example of Peter who the Lord sent to visit Cornelius through a vision Acts The words become a prophetic outpouring, as the Holy Spirit falls on the whole family and they too begin to prophesy.

Later in Acts 11 , Peter has to explain himself to the church in Jerusalem, which had the same prejudice against gentiles as he had previously held.

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Prophets and hence, prophecy, is clearly stated as part of the ministry of church leaders, alongside that of apostles. The gift of prophecy is also found in the 1 Corinthians 12 list of Holy Spirit gifts, alongside faith, healing and miracles. For us in the modern world, prophecy is still one of the major ways God uses to speak to us the bible being the first. Please note that I am not advocating that prophecy replaces the Bible, far from it. Prophecy must be measured against the truth of the bible and if found wanting, should be ignored.

That said, there are times such as with Peter and Cornelius, already cited above where the Lord uses prophecy to challenge our understanding of the bible.

2. Jesus-Pursuing

The gift of prophecy operates on different levels, speaking to nations, individuals and everything in between. However, what I am referring to here is not just about wisdom, but the specific Holy Spirit-inspired word for the moment. In fact, God speaks in many different ways. You can find five of them here. Many people share their faith with others, not realising that God is speaking through them, prophetically. To start your journey of learning how to prophesy, there is one pre-requisite you need: find time to be alone with God.

To do this well:.

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And the best way to do that is to practice in prayer …which takes time. It is certainly possible to hear the Lord while in the company of others. But how do you find this alone time, in our modern world, with all its distractions? You can read more about it here. Listening to God is a lifestyle that has to be cultivated. Through regular, repeated contact and communication with your Lord Jesus, you can learn to discern his voice from all the other voices that bombard you each day. That way, when God shares a revelation for another person, you will be well prepared to share it effectively and with confidence.

You can grab your copy here. While every prophecy is unique, there is a general pattern to how the gift of prophecy works out in practice. As you practice praying prophetically for others and listening to God for them, you can use the following outline as a guide, to help you understand the process:.

While I share specific steps to take, both here and in the 4 Steps Prophecy School , not all of them may be appropriate for every situation. For example, a simple bible verse may have little need for interpretation, but a complex vision may require further prayer to fully understand what the Lord is saying.

The most important thing is to be sensitive to Holy Spirit and stay in the flow of what he is doing. We may be so preoccupied with asking God for things and situations either for ourselves or a person we are ministering to that we forget to ask for the intangible: a deeper relationship with the Lord, the ability to hear his voice, and for him to speak to us, right now. When you get close — and stay close — to God, it becomes that much easier to hear him hint: the best place to start is in worship. There are two aspects to this: hearing the answer or message itself, and understanding the way the Lord wants to speak to and bless the person you are praying for.

First, you need to listen for the message God wants to bring. Sometimes, you may need to pause, or even cease praying altogether, in order to listen effectively. A good practical way of doing this, which keeps your subject informed and involved, is to pray out loud asking God to speak.

You can encourage them to listen too. In the same way, as we all respond to different methods of learning, so we will respond to different kinds of prophecy.

Remember also that prayer is a two-way conversation. We must give time and space for him to speak.