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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Blazing Heart. Apr 14, Laura Mckinnon rated it it was amazing. This is a great story. I actually red it as a fanfiction original on fanfiction. The plot is great and the story keeps a consistent quality and steady progression throughout. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy and adventure. Erik Palermo rated it really liked it Sep 14, Hollyann marked it as to-read Mar 27, Chrissy added it Mar 08, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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A Review Of War Of The Spark: Ravnica (Magic: The Gathering) by Greg Weisman

Connor Sheridan. Books by Connor Sheridan. Trivia About Blazing Heart. The ball caught Tyson square in the chest. He slid the length of the court and slammed into the back wall, which cracked and partially crumbled on top of him, making a hole right onto Church Street. I didn't see how Tyson could still be alive, but he only looked dazed. The bronze ball was smoking at his feet.

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Tyson tried to pick it up, but he fell back, stunned, into a pile of cinder blocks. I'll have enough meat to bring Babycakes a doggie bag! Riptide had to be around here somewhere. Then I spotted my jeans in a smoking heap of clothes right by the giant's feet. If I could only get there I knew it was hopeless, but I charged. The giant laughed. I braced myself to die. Suddenly the giant's body went rigid. His expression changed from gloating to surprise. Right where his belly button should've been, his T-shirt ripped open and he grew something like a horn—no, not a horn—the glowing tip of a blade.

The ball dropped out of his hand. The monster stared down at the knife that had just run him through from behind. He muttered, "Ow," and burst into a cloud of green flame, which I figured was going to make Babycakes pretty upset. Standing in the smoke was my friend Annabeth.

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Her face was grimy and scratched. She had a ragged backpack slung over her shoulder, her baseball cap tucked in her pocket, a bronze knife in her hand, and a wild look in her storm-gray eyes, like she'd just been chased a thousand miles by ghosts. Matt Sloan, who'd been standing there dumbfounded the whole time, finally came to his senses. He blinked at Annabeth, as if he dimly recognized her from my notebook picture. That's the girl—" Annabeth punched him in the nose and knocked him flat.

Kids were still running around screaming. I heard sirens wailing and a garbled voice over the intercom. Through the glass windows of the exit doors, I could see the headmaster, Mr. Bonsai, wres-tling with the lock, a crowd of teachers piling up behind him. The doors burst open and the adults came pouring in. Annabeth gave him a look of distaste that I didn't quite understand. That left me standing alone in the middle of the burn-ing gymnasium when the headmaster came charging in with half the faculty and a couple of police officers. Bonsai said. He focused on me with a look of terror.


He set the whole building on fire. Coach Nunley will tell you!

He saw it all! I knew they would never believe me, even if I could tell them the truth. I grabbed Riptide out of my ruined jeans, told Tyson, "Come on! THREE She pulled Tyson and me off the sidewalk just as a fire truck screamed past, heading for Meriwether Prep. Now, under different circumstances, I would've been really happy to see her. We'd made our peace last summer, despite the fact that her mom was Athena and didn't get along with my dad. I'd missed Annabeth probably more than I wanted to admit. But I'd just been attacked by cannibal giants, Tyson had saved my life three or four times, and all Annabeth could do was glare at him like he was the problem.

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He can hear you, you know. Why don't you ask him? I couldn't believe she was being so rude. I examined Tyson's hands, which I was sure must've been badly scorched by the flaming dodge balls, but they looked fine—grimy and scarred, with dirty fingernails the size of potato chips—but they always looked like that. He tried to touch it, but she smacked his hand away. The monsters in the gym. They're a race of giant cannibals who live in the far north. Odysseus ran into them once, but I've never seen them as far south as New York before.

What would you call them in English? No, what about Grover? What were you dreaming about? But what kind of trouble?

Something's wrong. We have to get there right away.

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Monsters have been chasing me all the way from Virginia, trying to stop me. Have you had a lot of attacks? But how Son of the Sea God?