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You and it overlapped tongues and then you both bit in all the way so you were sort of stapled together, eye to eye.

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In the book, the Losers perform the Ritual twice, once as kids and once as adults. The Macroverse, a giant god-Turtle, the collapse of pretty much the whole town—all that would would be harder to pull off on film than on the page.

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And when he brought in the ritual for the sequel, it was pretty highly altered. When that happens, the mystery goes away.

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It author Stephen King. Eamonn M.

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Four former college friends from England, now in their thirties, take a hiking trip in Northern Sweden in part to honor the memory of a fifth friend. Good-natured grousing and masculine camaraderie marks the trip until loud-mouthed Dom Sam Troughton injures his knee and the foursome decides to make a shortcut through dense woods. Increasingly, they appear to be hunted by something that seems neither human nor animal. The Ritual follows in the footsteps of suspense films that find hapless humans unprepared to face a hostile wilderness, such as Deliverance or The Blair Witch Project.

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In the production, Romania stands in for Sweden. They serve as barriers concealing from view dangers that may be much closer than they seem.

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  6. The Ritual features a fine cast, although they tend to emphasize a single characteristic. Compared to other modest fright films to have recent Netflix debuts, The Ritual belongs alongside the occult mood piece A Dark Song and the grisly creature feature The Void.