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The first aspect underlined is that of unity in the multiplicity and diversity as an intrinsic necessity of Nature that stands behind all things living and not, and which is at the root of all existence. Unity is not just an abstract mental human notion, but is an inevitable movement at the base of all the universal manifestation.

This document will try to explain how we can recover this subtle but real inner unity in diversity also in the organization and adjustment of practical affairs. A conclusion with a brief note will follow on the fact that also another profound truth is ignored when PB issues are addressed: the human being is not just a physical aggregate, but a soul, an emotional being, a mental body which is still in the progress of an evolutionary growth.

Only an inner and spiritual growth of mankind can pose a real basis for a new peaceful and stable world order. Our inner dimensions can no longer be ignored either if we want to reach inner and outer peace for us and in the mutual exchange with others. Marco Masi.

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Each week, we will share insights from the timeless philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi to help listeners experience greater awareness of their inner power and embrace a philosophy of nonviolence. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Spiritual Talk Radio.

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