THURSDAYS CHILD & THE QUEEN OF SWORDS: A Flora & Shamus Large Print Mystery

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Oh no, her vacation was cancelled. Oh, no, her sweater was cut.

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Little Green - Walter Mosley writes about race better than anyone alive today. This is a great story, beautifully written, with stop-you-in-your-tracks paragraphs. The personal pages were, as always, perfect. The mystery could've used some editing. One last rose left Ran the irrigation system and then it rained Those petunias still won't bloom.

He's a VERY sweet man. November 5, What I'm Reading Now. Each sentence is a marvel. The Giver - Lois Lowry's 6th grade class book reminds you to look for the differences and to share the pain. What I'm Doing in the Garden Now Adding snapdragons to the petunias, which refuse to bloom Fertilizing the containers Admiring the 3rd and final blooming of the roses Cutting back the Euphorbia Rigida; letting them grow and self-seed let the termites nibble them to death. Biggest Loser - it's back, saving lives and inspiring change. Beauty and the Beast - A kids' production.

They had fun. A Pain in the Aunt - Comedy Playhouse's gentle comedy. The effort was evident tho the story was weak. Pinafore - Arizona Opera Company staged one of my favorites.

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Desert Blue Grass Association's annual festival - the best music in a perfect venue. The Interestings - Meg Wollitzer wows me once again. I'm having fun imagining who the characters are "in real life. This is deep, well-crafted, and I'll be reading more. Beast - Faye Kellerman's characters age with grace and introspection. The story is secondary, for me.

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Zoo - Patterson and Ledwidge's dystopian fantasy was odd but perfect for a Saturday with errands and lots of waiting. Do you really trust your pet? Watching the ground squirrels and the ants and the javelina make a mockery of Ernie's neatly raked ground covering stone mulch. Filling the containers with double petunias Manually turning the irrigation on and off.

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  • Is it the accents that make this seem more powerful than American tv? My Fair Lady - Every bit is perfect Charade - it's on basic cable all the time.

    State by State List - updated and collated

    I know it by heart and I still watch it, over and over again. Bonnie Raitt in the car It's good to reconnect with old friends. The back story seems contrived, but i'm still waiting to see how it turns out. Fast, deep, dense, wonderful The Ophelia Cut - John Lescroart takes the intertwined series genre to new and frightening lengths. Kinsey and Me - Sue Grafton's autobiographical stories are as heart-stoppingly beautiful as are the regular old detective schtick. If I could follow it, anyone can.

    The List - J. Konrath's thriller is ultimately a fine story with no place to go. Blood Land; Money Land - R. Guthrie's Wyoming sheriff is the most surprising new hero in my pantheon. Propping up the columnar cactus in the courtyard container. Recognizing that portulaca is very happy with some afternoon shade. The Bourne Legacy - late night snooze-a-thon with the family on Cozy Rosie.

    The family was the best part. Thank you, BlogHer The Mavis Staples channel has never sounded so good. Spare, quick, flashes of brilliance - I loved it. Potboiler - Jesse Kellerman's blend of humor and mystery and pop culture references left me cold. Trains and Lovers - Alexander McCall Smith is deft and funny and, as always,he cares about his characters.

    A short and glorious. Private - One of them London or Berlin James Patterson at his wiliest.

    I've learned my lesson. Clearing out the record-tying-heat-wave-destroyed containers. Tending the hibiscus in containers. I want Sheldon's wardrobe! West Wing from the beginning on streaming Netflix. A perfect movie. Algiers - Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer sizzle off the screen.

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    What does your prison look like? The Music Man - The perfect antidote to a sobering evening Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - A pixilated delight every time! A terrific surprise. Mud - Love through the eyes of a 14 year old boy. This can be read as a stand alone story - and a very good one - but it's even better if you know who they were beforehand. You'll be peeved at the ending, but it will make you come back for more. Wonderful storytelling, as always. Catherine the Great - Robert K. Massie's day by day account of the life of a minor German princess who changed the face of Russia is a strange mix.

    It is meticulously researched and the facts are presented in a straightforward manner, but I would have liked some analysis along the way. I found myself saying "WHY? The Suspect - Robert Crais gives the Marine canine as much character as he gives the human to whom he's assigned. PTSD has never been described as well as in this book. I must be one of the few people on the planet who can nod when reading "I was shot three times Deadheading the rose bushes to the first set of 5 leaves as the blossoms fall Watering the newly planted containers - vinca, zinnias, portulaca, sunflowers - twice a day Increasing the number of days I run the irrigation system as the temperatures climb to triple digits.

    Cutting back the wildflowers that bloomed last month. I'll probably ignore it until they go to beautiful places and I can pretend it's a travelogue, but the opening episode was noteworthy for the snarky tweets running below the live action. Mad Men is back and though the writers seem to be at a loss as to where the story is going, Don's descent into nothingness is still fascinating to watch. I much prefer college basketball. Anyone have a suggestion for a small speaker to improve the sound quality?

    Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

    Leave me a comment on any post. I put it down for schoolwork; I'm probably not going back. Good thing it was a Kindle Book Bub freebie. The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo's plot is intricate, even if he does take the easy way out at the end. Multiple personalities? Pericles' Funeral Oration via Thucydides. Great speech writing is an art, that's for sure. Euripides' Medea - Now there's one angry woman! Watching the snow and cold temps wreak havoc on my succulents Waiting - impatiently - for the wildflowers to bloom.